new to cannas-???

intheforest(4b Iowa)March 14, 2005

I grew a canna from seed last year but had no idea what it was b/c it never bloomed. thought it might be a canna and when it died back from frost but sent up new shoots decided to bring it in for winter. Now I'm certain It was seed called robert kemp. It grew nicely all winter but shoots are more spindally than those killed by frost. Finally it is trying to bloom. The bud is about 3 inches long and salmon colored. Is this its color or will it turn red as it gets ready to open? is it a cross (do they grow true)? Or is it a deficiency. The leaves are also browning at the margins-I relized I should have been fertilizing it so did-is this the cause or might it have a disease? It definitely could also use more light.

Any thoughts-


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I'll do the best I can, but I'm in a much warmer zone than you are.

I would put it in the sun. Full sun.

Even if you have to bring it in every night, put it in the sun.

If you don't expect any more freezes, plant it in the ground.

I've never grown canna from seed, but I think they may revert to their species type.

No matter.

The species cannas have slender flowers, beloved by hummingbirds.

It's hard to tell what color a flower will be from the bud, but the reds I've seen have been mostly red, mahogany-ish, bronzy, or even blackish-red.

If the bud is salmon color, I would guess you'll get a bloom in that color family.

My cannas were leafing out nicely when we had a late freeze, which ruined every single leaf, & mine are coming back.

Yours, though, having been grownfrom seed, doesn't have the reserves of a rhizome to draw on, so it needs supplemental feeding for sure.

Best luck!


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