Planting Cannas for visual effect: variety mix or solo variety?

green_goMarch 25, 2012

Hi, canna lovers. I am new to cannas, but this year I decided to give them a try.

I have a new home and my flower beds are almost bare yet, so I'd like to use cannas to create a quick flower and foliage display and fill up the empty spots while my perennials are slowly growing.

I bought several packs of canna tubers of 4 different varieties: The President, Pretoria, Brilliant and Chocolate Sunrise. Each pack contains between 7-10 tubers.

Now, I'm not sure how to proceed: should I plant each variety as a mono-group on each bed or should I mix them together and plant groups of mixed cannas? From your experience, which will look better?

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I would recommend planting the same types together. It will look better IMO and if you plan to dig them up in the fall to save them, it will be a lot easier to remember what's what! It's much easier to compare leaves and flowers than tubers!

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I would agree and as a designer mass plantings generally have more of an effect due to size when placed appropriately. Things such as background color such as the house are important to consider,i.e., if the house is white a white flowered plant would not be as effective per say. If planting all in the same bed don't plant a straight line rather stagger the plants in a V V V V pattern for example as this is more visually impacting than a straight line. Unless the bed is very large planting say two tubers together in this pattern would be sufficient as they grow fast and many depending on variety get large. Using this pattern above and towards the back of the bed you can place smaller growing annuals and perennials in the front to create a beautiful garden. Allow between 2-3 feet between plantings of the cannas for proper growth.


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Thank you guys/gals, I will follow your advice and will plant them in groups of the same variety.

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