Hardy yellow canna

bobwtn(z6TN)March 12, 2005

I live in Zone 6 on the Cumberland Plateau of Northern Tennessee. I was given a yellow blooming canna 5-6 years ago that is hardy in my yard. I have never dug them up in the fall. Has anyone else heard of this type? I would be glad to share as I need to divide them soon.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Bob, I have seen a red one in my neighbors yard that he has planted close to the house that comes back every year. It looks like president.

Maybe you have it planted in a micro climate area. I would love to try a piece when you are ready to dig.

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simplycharming(Z5 MI)

I would like to try a piece also. lmk

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Maybe it is a Richard Wallace???...just a guess! I am DYING for this canna if it is! What are you looking for? Looks like I need to move south!!


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I have some red canna rhizomes I would trade for your yellow cannas, if you are interested. Let me know. Thanks.

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I have just dug up some cannas I have had for several years. I live in Middle TN. Mine are yellow too. They seem pretty hardy and have really multiplied. I'm planning to share some with a friend but will have lots left over. If someone has some things to share in exchange, I would be happy to share. I'm helping a friend get some plants to her property. She has several acres and hasn't really planted anything yet. Let me know if anyone would like to do an exchange. I see some of you are from New York. I moved from Long Island to Middle TN.

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would love to trade for that color. I have some red canna seeds.

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sdflowers(4 SDak.)

I would love some canna if you have enough. Just moved and have a large yard to fill. thanks, I have a few seeds posted for trade, but not a complete list yet.

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flowerpower326(z6 nj)

i had some yellow canna last year. they were beautiful. i never dug them up- i didn't know i was supposed to.the rhizomes are now all mushy! i bought them out of my area-on vacation. if you have any left i would love to provide the postage for it. i know you posted this a while ago, but no one here has yellow-only red!i could send some seeds in trade if you are interested.

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