Anyone have experience with shipping time

Nancy zone 6March 15, 2005

I ordered some cannas for Horn Canna farm last fall, I need time to prepare a bed for them but weather has been chilly. I haven't received any notice from them that they have shipped, I realize it's really pretty early. Anyone have any idea when they normally ship when fall ordered?

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Most nurseries keep track of where the purchaser is, and do not ship until the zone they are going to is in a frost-free state. That way, they avoid any liability. Feel free to get your bed ready, but zone 6 may be a while before it is frost free.

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Nancy zone 6

Thanks, I thought I was just getting anxious, but I see cannas in the nursery for sale. I don't usually put my cannas in the ground til early May, but when they are for sale so early I was panicing. I think our frost free day is mid April, surely we will have a few warm, dry days before then!

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texas_eyes(Zone 7)

Horn's doesn't usually ship to anything under zone 9 until mid to late March. They are very dependable and you will get your cannas..........hang tight......spring's a' comin'!!


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Nancy zone 6

I'm gettin so antsy though! I hope we have a real spring this year instead of jumping right into summer. And I want my cannas "now", never mind that Horn is way more capable of holding them than I am til the weather is ready! I just want to be able to touch them :) Thanks! I have been hearing great things about Horn & I'm sure I will get them at the correct time, I guess I just need lots of reassurance & reminders of patience :)

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Canna fever.Catch it!you could buy some at the store and start them indoors.You probably won't get the ones you ordered for maybe a month(guessing).

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dighappy(z7 NJ)

I also ordered from Horn Canna Farm and can't wait to get my hands on my new canna's....I think I ordered about 21 cannas. I have heard such good things on this forum about Horn and can't wait to get my new cannas in the ground (1st or 2nd week of May around this area).

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ply17410(z4 MN)

Horn order submitted last week Sunday (3/20) and my box came on Thursday! What service and product looked great.

Zone 4


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Nancy zone 6

HEY! No fair! I ordered last fall, I shoulda got mine first :( Just kidding, I can't get anything out in this mud now anyway. Glad to know that they look good though. Anyone have a Fred's discount store? I happened to stop in, never expected to find bulbs, but they have cannas in packages of 3 for $1.50 pk. Short pieces, but fat & healthy looking. I bought a pack of mixed & of President just to make me feel better. I know, shouldn't buy from boxed stores, but they were so cheap.

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

I ordered last fall and mine arrived 2 weeks ago. Great looking bulbs too. Maybe you should give them a call and find out whats going on with your order. HTH, Tara

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I ordered from and I just rec'd notification that my cannas have been shipped. When ordered, they said they would arrive between April 1st and April 15th. This was based on my zone.

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Nancy zone 6

Thanks Tara, I emailed Horn Wednesday morning after reading your message. They promptly replied & said mine are scheduled to ship Apr 11. I noticed on their web site that a couple of their canna are sold out-I'll be comin' after Bob if they gave him one o' mine :) I was really impressed with their quick response, everyone says they are great, I'm really looking forward to dealing with them

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