BaBaBerries are not waking up

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)April 14, 2010

I planted 4 BaBaberries in January - bareroot, in a sunny spot. They have not yet woken up from dormancy. Last week the stems were still green. They were constantly watered.

All my other berries planted at the same time have come out of dormancy and have several inches of growth. Do I give up and look for replacements? Or is there still hope for them?

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tania(Zone10 Ca)

I have a barrel with babas, and they haven't sprung into action yet, and these are stable plants. They really aren't getting any sunlight right now, nor are my black rasps, and they've already begun to show new growth. I think the babas are still asleep. Give them a bit more of time, they'll wake up! I'll keep on eye on my and post once I see signs of new growth.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Thanks for the help and information, tania! I guess they got confused by so much rainfall and abnormal weather patterns. I will post too if mine decide to wake up.

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tania(Zone10 Ca)

Hey Ashley

I went out into the garden today to pull away the overgrown weeds in my baba barrel and there IS new growth growing. Take some pruners and prune off about a half inch from the tops of the canes. If they are green, then your canes are still alive. Normally bareroot canes are of a hardier wood and not green wood. That has been my experience from the canes I've purchased. Maybe the canes are just getting hardier, and will begin growing soon. Just give them some time. Not all of my black raspberry canes have growth. Some look dead, but I've cut them and they are green. Just be patient. If you bought them at Home Depot, and they don't grow, take them back for a refund. It took me a few attempts before I successfully had babas in my garden. They seem to be the only variety I've had trouble with. But they are worth it! Also don't water them unless absolutely necessary.

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Hi Ashley,

Did you by any chance buy your bababerries from a nursery in Georgia that starts with the letter W ?

If so, its quite likely they will never "wake up". I had that experience 3 times (with my original bababerry order, and both replacement orders they sent).

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Thanks tania. Nothing happening to mine yet.
Oldgreyfellow, no. I bought my bababerries from a local nursery who in turn got it from LE Cooke nursery. They still have no sign of life. Funnily enough, the plants left over at the nursery where I bought from are now leafed out and going strong. I have a warranty on my plant - so it will go back if nothing happens to it in a few weeks. I dug around them and saw some fresh small whitish roots.

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