UT Orange Canna Question

tn_veggie_gardner(7)March 17, 2010

A very simple one that I am not aware of as i've never grown Canna's before. The 4 I have I got from a friend at a plant swap last Fall. Will they come back this year & if so, any preferred fertilizer/growing medium they like? Please let me know.

Thanks! - Steve

Here is a link that might be useful: Steve's Garden

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Not to self: Don't post thread on Canna forum cuz it's apparently hopeless unless you know someone on there. ;-)

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Are the corms in the ground or stored in a basement? If they are in the ground in zone 7 it's best to mulch heavy over the winter. If they are in a basement or cool area wait to after first frost and if the corms are healthy they should come back and flower this year. As far as fertilizer goes I grow mine without any and they still do great. They appreciate a lot of sun for growth.


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Thanks for the reply/info. =) Sorry about my initial response. Maybe i'm just used to much busier forums. Anyways, while doing some getting-ready-for-Spring gardening this past weekend, I checked out the bed that my Canna's are in. There is a small (about an inch or so) stub poking out of the soil right where one of my Orange Cannas is! =) I figured the new ones would grow in the same spot as the old ones (ya know, grow through the old/dead foliage, eventually shedding it off), but I guess not...lol. One way or another, i'm happy they have returned.

- Steve

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This isn't the most active forum. The orange is a pest here in UT land!
Tally HO!

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