jurupa valley C/S show purchases and a few ids

Microthrix(9)May 23, 2012

so i went to the Jurupa valley cactus and succulent show and picked alot of things, heres a few...heres a monodenium a (monstrose?)discocactus zehntneri

a mammillaria "fred" what does this consist of ?

heres a tephrocactus (was looking for one for a while)

a euphorbia milli , surprisingly i never had one , but anted one

some kind of variegated aloe (specific kind?)

i always see these winning competions , what kind of aloe is it ?

crested huernia (yaaaayyyy!)

another asclepiad (huernia?)i couldnt resist it !so cool what kind is it ?

. heres the ids

mystery euphorbia

the guy had this in a pot with no hole and in possibly the worst soil ever (seems like dirt dug up from backyard) it had the teeniest bit of rot but i cut it off ... i thought it was a euphorbia but i did not bleed when i cut it

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Nice finds Microflix! I really like your clump of Mammillaria "Fred." You have an eye for unusual shapes and colors! A couple of possible ID's for you: The variegated aloe looks like A. nobilis variegata; the next aloe, A. suprafoliata; and the plant in the last photo, Senecio articulatus.

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Thanks! I really wanted a fred for quite some time ... is the senecio easy to reroot?

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Agree with arid on ids, you will have to wait and see for the flower on the huernia id. Maybe protect the aloes a little if you transplanted..my suprafoliata is really struggling with humidity and sun in summer, nearly lost it twice...

some really nice finds.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Wow sure looks like you scored big time micro, was it last Saturday?

I worked if so, looks like you had a blast while you were there cuz you picked up some beauties for sure.


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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Those are really cool! I love distorted shapes and variegation.

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The huernia has 4 small flowers emerging so its gonna be soon! And does anyone know if crested succulents still flower? Yup it was last saturday

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Micro, the senecio roots very easily. In fact, you might notice they tend to break at the "joints." This is a hint as to how quickly it reproduces. Lay the cuttings on top of dry soil, or plant them upright. Soon enough, they will root. I have lots and lots of these plants growing all over my shade garden. They seem to like bright shade to part sun where I live.

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Very nice finds! That asclepiad really looks like a Orbea (to me), of some sort, but as mentioned you will not really know until you can get it to bloom.

Love that crested and I notice a couple of little pots off to the right that look familar. : )

I have never seen Senecio articulatus, looks like I will have to look for one now.


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Yeah about the asclepiad o_o after i took it out of the bad soil i put it in my soil and waited for its roots to set in (i didnt water )and they kinda died and i really dont even know what happened ... it kinda got a yellow crust on the bottom ... so i just took it apart and put root hormone on ... weird ... yay! The little plant! I angled the pic so maybe you could get a peek at them :P they are doing very nice :) after someone gave the id for the senecio i looked it up on the internet and found out it had leaves! I cant wait! Maybe if i had them earlier we could have traded those

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Sorry about the asclepiad, that was quick! Wish I could tell you what went wrong. I did a search also and was suprised to see the leaves too!

My little ones are doing well too! I will try to get some pictures of them soon.


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Great haul! Love the crested huernia. Did you spend all your birthday money?

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No that was cactus show money :P i still have full birthday money :D im kinda spoiled i guess ...

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That's good! You can start looking around and see if there is something special you want to add to your collection!

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