marricgardensJune 7, 2006

Last weekend we had a hummer trapped in our barn. It got in through the big doors and then flew to the window where it could see outside but not get out because the window wasn't open. It was also high up near the peak where we couldn't reach it. It kept banging into the glass trying to get out. Finally it got low enough so that we could reach it with the extension ladder (we meaning Eric because I don't do eights very well.) He went up with a piece od netting and gently caught the poor guy. We took him outside and laid him down on the wagon. When he rested a few minutes, he just took off. I have been searching the web trying to find out what kind it was. It looked most like a Lucifer but the picture I saw said they don't come north this far, Barrie area. Any chance that it was a Lucifer? Any ideas? Lately I have seen some Anna hummingbirds. Marg

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See... now if you'd said you caught it yesterday we could have some fun with the whole 'Lucifer/060606' thing.... however...

You might try the attached link, see if it helps - there was a thread going in the Far North Forum regarding hummingbirds a while back, maybe someone there could help.

Here is a link that might be useful: tracking hummingbirds

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