Would this work as a trellis for clematis?

fillagirlJune 21, 2009

I bought a room divider at a garage sale, made of painted wood, (same as the one in the ad). I took out the fabric and was thinking I could nail it to my fence and use it as a trellis for my clematis....do you think this would work? Or should I go buy a wood trellis at Home depot? I'vce also seen people use chicken wire, any opinions/experience to share?

Here is a link that might be useful: room divider

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Why not replace the fabric with black plastic mesh that they sell for trellises. The frame would stand out and the mesh fade into the background

I wouldn't nail it to the fence though, because then the clematis wiuld have a hard time wrapping itself around the frame. I'd nail stakes on the bottom legs and push the stakes into the ground so it's free standing

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Ahhh, NO it wouldn't work. I've seen the same kinds of room dividers here in Chinatown. The wood is not suited for our extreme climate and will split and rot in no time. You'd probably expend as much energy and expense just trying to seal it tightly.

However you could create your own frame and chicken or other forms of wires stretch over it. use 2 frames to sandwich the mesh and then you'd have a perfect trellis. When nailing it against the wall, use a plastic tube of say 1 inch long and use that to create a gap between the fence and the frame. (nail right through the tube)


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Fillagirl, you ask if you could use that as a trellis. Actually, as it's 3 sections it might be 3 smaller trellises (lol). But yes, the downside is that the wood would probably deteriorate and rot quick.

I saw some nice metal trellises at walmart for $18 to 30 depending on the size and they seem durable. The nice thing is you just push them into the ground and not attach them to the building or fence.

On a positive note, I like people who think like you are, trying to create something unique. Last year I found a neat wicker basket at a second hand store. I lined it with plastic (put drainage holes) and filled with soil and now I have a planter. It won't last more than a few years, but it's a fun idea.

The other thing I sometimes use as trellis is wooden lattice. Not for all tastes as when you saw it (if you want to cut it smaller) the edges still look a bit rough and uneven, but a vine covers it up anyways, or at least distracts the eye from the edge.


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I should say that I'm absolutely all for found objects used in many ways and do encourage you to continue along this creative drive.

Your divider could still be very useful for indoor use and you could for example do a photo mosaic. If plants is your theme, you could make leaf impressions and paste that in each panel. or perhaps install mirrors. So the ideas are endless.

For outdoor projects:

You could create a trellis out of old metal bedframes for example. I do scour fleamarkets and roadsides to see what could be useful for future projects. Mostly I look for things I could utilize as containers or for making fountains, etc..

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Thanks for your comments and ideas, I think I will use it inside instead of outside, as it doesn't look like it would last outside. Appreciate your ideas and feedback very much, thank you!

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fillagirl that screen was a nice find

I looked atyour article as I as well am looking for inexpensive ideas for cleamits to climb on my fence

I bought about ten of them last year

Little plants, clematis that is,

Darn it all if here in Barrie, Ontario, most of them did survive Some are actually in bloom

Mind you they are yet smallish plants but I want to put trellis in behind them now before they are much larger.

I have been looking around for junk on garbage days and such. Hopefully something will just turn up to use

I love to get something for nothing and make it gorgeous.

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You could hang old wooden cart wheels on your fence to use as a unique trellis, or old window panes without the glass. Or hang old wooden ladders. Or old bed frames.


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Or you could make some from fallen branches and twigs. If they are made from hardwood, then they can last a long time. The following Clematis and Honeysuckle are climbing on supports made in early 2004 after Hurricane Juan had taken down branches from our maple trees. You can see the structure of some of them and others are fully covered.

Another idea is if you see someone has thrown out an old wrought iron stair railing or such, even if it's rusting, just grab and use it! :O)

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I have been gathering sticks from branches etc, thinking that is what I would use for the Clematis

I will watch though now for one of those iron railings

That looks good, not junky how some stuff looks
I have seen them thrown out but not so much now that everyone has to sort garbage and most things are not allowed in the weekly pickup like it used to be.

But the sticks would work

Did you actually attach them to the house or just along side

Thanks good pictures and the idea works well


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Great photos & ideas, thanks for posting. I saw someone on our local Kijiji selling stucco wire for use as a climbing apparatus for vines....they come in 100 foot rolls and are 54 inches wide. She cut hers in half (27") as she was using it for sweet peas. Anybody else try this, I might go have a look.

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Found this thread during my search, may generate ideas....


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