farslayrMarch 29, 2005


I got 2 - 2 gallon pots of Tropicanna cannas at my local HD yesterday for $12 ea.


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jgro(8 Portland,OR)

I got the same thing at HD a couple of weeks ago. Went back a week later and they well ALL gone!

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The two Home Depots in my area usually get several shipments of Tropicanna through the Spring and Summer months.


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Work at Lowe's Garden Center, have Tropicanna too. Received 6 2 gallon pots for 12.98 each and its been a week and no one has bought one.........Wish we had your interest here :)

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I had never seen a Tropicanna before and I came upon some at my neighborhood Target store-- I fell in love immediately and bought two. I repotted them (one was ready to burst out of its container!) and they're now sitting in a sunny area of my patio. I can't get over how stunningly gorgeous they are-- and no genetic engineering, I don't believe. I paid $12.99 each and they're about two feet tall. I watch them like a hawk because I don't want any pests to bother them.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

I love Tropicanna also.

I have been growing it here for about 5 years now. Started with 1 pot - paid $34.99 for a 2 gallon size.

Was a steal because all the ones here for sale are infected with a virus.

Saw them listed in a Rona flyer for $17.88 for 1 gal. I sell my extras for $6 for 1 gal. Helps to pay for my soilless mix costs.


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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

Tropicanna is gorgeous, if you get a healthy one. The big box stores here have Tropicanna and Tropicanna Black, but with dead brown streaks through the foliage. Virus? Or poor care? Either way I won't buy from them.

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Bought one for my mother at Home Depot. $12.99ish. Beautiful plant.

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