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purple-anemoneJune 10, 2011

I was looking for Mexican evening primrose, but found this one in stead. It now grows in a clay & compost mix soil and it grows well. I have heard Mexican evening primrose can be invasive, how invasive is this one? Can I just pull them out if too many? I'm considering using a few of this on the front edge of my bed if it blooms well, is it something I might regret?

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I had it and got rid of it. It did tend to be invasive. I had it as a groundcover in a flowerbed around Husker Red Penstemon and a sedum. Both the sedum and evening primrose were drought tolerant to it seemed to work out well. Marg

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Thanks again for your reply, Marg. Wow, with such a show, it must have been hard to get rid of it...OK, I'm warned, thanks, will not use it all around the edge!

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