Milk Festival

bigred(z8 Ark.)March 21, 2005

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered 3 of these white blooming cannas. Hoping to see them delivered soon.

Anyone here growing this one?Are the blooms really that color shown in catalogs? I'd like to know how it's doing for other gardeners. I can grow pretty good cannas in my climate w/o any trouble...if fact,they're darn near weeds for me.


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I hope your new canna is beautifl!

I've been looking at those white ones, myself, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to pay $20 for one.


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Cannaluver(z7 Tx)

They have milk festival on ebay right now. Also I think this canna is same as Canna Snow Dragon. And yes it is really that color.
Thanks sylvia

Here is a link that might be useful: Canna Snow Dragon

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I got it!

Went to ebay & bought 2 Milk Festival Cannas!

Thanks, sylvia!


We're a rarity, aren't we?
I've only met 3 other sylvias:
a teen-ager in high school,
an older lady at PetSmart,
and (best story) a 10-year-old at the dollar store.
I found her when I tried to locate whoever was hollering "Sylvia!" (her mother of course).
The little girl had been named for her grandmother.

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Hey, I'm another Sylvia in Texas - San Antonio. I grew up in Ft. Worth though. I've been trying to locate several unusual cannas, including Rosalinde (not Rosalinda). Anyone out there know any sources for rare cannas. Donnie Hallman has some great ones, but is out of all of them right now.

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Well, I received the cannas, & they must hold the world record for "smallest canna tubers in the universe".

I have no experience with newer, hybridized, "fancy" cannas that you pay money for; mine have always been the ones your granny makes grandpa dig up for you out of her overgrown bed, & those things were big ole hefty ones!

Did I get the runts of the litter, or are the newer ones just smaller?

Hey, all you Sylvias, did you know our name is Latin for "living in a wood" or "forestlike" or something? depending on who you talk to?
So we're right where we belong on a gardening forum!

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