What is this and how do I get rid of it??

spunkydoll_skJune 6, 2010


We have this inside out mushroom like stuff growing all around our house.


There's a linc to the picture. Can anyone tell me what it is and how I get rid of it. Thank you very much!!!

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Oh my Gosh! What is that, is right? I have never seen that but had to send my concern that you have something so ugly growing around your house! YUCK! I want to know what that is too!

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It doesn't matter what kind of fungus that is. what it seems like is that your lawn is infected with fungus - what you are seeing are just the fruiting bodies and these are often very difficult to remove. these thrive in wet conditions,in areas that have fallen leaves, poop or grass clippings and so if you can reduce the source of nutrients for this fungi and reduce the moisture level it would help. get rid of the fruiting bodies by digging them out before they set off spores. Third. look for lawn fungicides.

Like I said, these are really difficult to remove. So good luck and continue this maintenance program. (note nitrogen applications like fertilizers will only enhance their growth)

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