Canna Hybrid pics!

siam_cannas(13)June 16, 2009

Hey everyone, here are some pics of cannas from my last batch of hybrids. They are not what i was trying for, but i am using them for futher hybridization and then i will get rid of them.

Im going to start more hybrid seeds today. Hope i get something really nice and different :)


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Siam those are some pretty cannas..Wowzer neat plants...Brab

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Siam, I am a novice, so they look good to me, too.

So, what were you looking for or is that a hybridizing secret?? Good luck with your program!

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Thanks Barb.
Brenda, they are ok cannas, but they are very similar to cannas that are already known. There is alot that goes into considering if it is or isnt a keeper. Leaf colour, height, form of the flowers, self cleaning or not, tillering, strenght of the petals (how well it can withstand rain and sun), size of flower heads.
And also i am specifically interested in getting some stripped petal cannas. And also im trying for a red with white fringe canna.
I still have 500 hybrid seeds to sow, hopefully i should get something extra special from those. Because of limited space i can only grow batches of 75-100 seedlings at a time :(

Like with brugmansias im sure you can tell the difference between a really good one and a not so good one, even though they might be similar.
I dont know anything about brugs really, so i just like the double and triple ones and the really deep coloured ones. I cant actually tell the difference between what is what with brugs lol. :)

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Siam..Siam! Those are so pretty until it's almost nauseating. So very pretty. You should/must be proud.
I'm planning to put my FEW cannas into the start of my
CANNA bed this fall. (any suggestions would be appreciated)
I know that they will spread, therefore, I want to give them plenty of space.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Siam there are some very pretty ones. To me they just look beautiful :-)

The 5th picture, that Canna has some nice leave coloring.

crossing my fingers for the next patch :-)


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Margaret, with cannas the best advice is to give thenm plenty sun , ample water and remember a rich soil is great for cannas. they will grow and spread.
Also there are some varieties that multiply rapidly and other slowely.
Usually the nicer hybrids with large heads of blooms take a bit longer to multiply. Varieties with small flowers like robert kemp, red stripe, and the species canns multiply rapidly.
What are you looking for in cannas> what are your uses for them? background? do you want tall leafy plants or do you want them for the flowers? Let me know i can name a few varieties which would be great for your purposes. :)

Thanks Lucy, the canna in the 5th pic, i really like the leaves on that one, its very good, but the flowers are small. The flower colour is good, the foliage is great, but the small flowers are the reason why its not a keeper!


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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

OK, my canna experience is limited to those I've gotten in trades and are definitly 'plain Jane's' compared to your pix. Those pictured may not be exactly what you were going for, but really 'wow'd' me!

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Thanks, Siam. Please DO suggest a few of the varieties that
have bold and beautiful foliage...I love that more than the
flowers (I think :):). I have lots of space and I'm thinking of planting them in an island bed with castor
beans or bananas.
Again...your cannas are just awesome!

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Hey margaret an island bed, sounds really good. You will love growing cannas.

Ok the best cannas for foliage are Pink sunburst, tropicanna, australia, pretoria, wyoming, assaut, black knight, intrigue, russian red, shenandoah, stuttgart( white bands on foliage, but it cannot take much sunlight because it will scorch) , and of course one of my favourites Canna Cleopatra, it is a must have, red stripe appear randomly on the leaves and the flowers can are yellow spotted red with red stripe appearing randomly. Very variable canna and so worth having. Also another of my favourite cannas is canna King of Siam, it has green foliage with white pin stripes and the flowers are yellow with a white line throough each petal givng the effect of a cross on each flower! All those canna listed above are the best of the foliage cannas, BUT you should have some green leaves in there to add more colour so you should also get some cannas with green leaves.

this is a pic of my cleopatra

this is a pic of my King of Siam cannas, you cant really see the cross on the flowers in this pic, check it up onlnie and you will see :)

Happy gardening.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Oh Siam..cleopatra is gorgeous!!! Now the King of that one from you? I will check tomorrow. Right now i am just to tired. HOT days got to me again lol


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I really like the speckeled flowered ones! I think the speckles give them character.


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PKponder TX(7b)

I like the light colored flowers the best, but that Cleopatra is an eye-popper. I've had Black Knight for two years and still no blooms. At least this year the foliage looks better and it's getting some height.


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threas(z7 PA)

Really nice, Siam! Love the speckled ones. Good luck in your hybridizing. How long does it take cannas from seed to bloom?

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Lucy, noo King of Siam is not one of my hybrids! i could never make something that good! I think it originated in Thailand.. Siam means Thailand in the language thai! It is a very old cultivar, and has been cultivated since 1923!!! yes 1923!!! It also goes by the names Christ's Light(because of the white cross on each flower), Striped Beauty, minerva and Nirvana!

Cleopatra has been in cultivation since 1895! yep 1895!
And up to today , there is not quite like it!

Mary, yes the speckled ones are pretty,

Pam i tihkn you need to give your canna a richer soil and more sunlight. canna usually flower easily. I plant my cannas in clay soil mixed with lots of manure, and that does great!

Cannas take about 4 months to flower from seeds in my climate. A very short time :)

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Thanks for the info, Siam. You're a real Sweetie! I'm on
my way because I already have at least six of the ones that you've mentioned..even the Cleo. Really excited here!

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I do love cannas but this year I found out that I am horrible at overwintering them. I lost every single one. I am especially sad about my Cleopatra because, like you, I love that canna. Could you tell me if that grows true to type from seed so I can start looking? What is your favorite storage method? I loved, loved your pictures

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Hi Flora2,

Nope canna cleopatra does not grow true from seed unfortunately. So you will have to buy a rhizome.

I live in the caribbean, there is no winter so i never have to dig up and store my cannas. I dont know much about storing them.

What i have reas is that you dig them up, remove the dirt and excess roots, put them into some thing like a tomato box and you can cover them with some moist (not wet) potting mix or saw dust. I also read they should be kept cool and dry place.

Im not sure what is the best method for storing them though, sorry.


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After looking at some of your crosses I think I've gotten over my dislike of cannas. You have some beauties there.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Karyn that was the nicest compliment for Siam's crosses!


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