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PKponder TX(7b)June 10, 2010

Finally had time to get some pictures!

Newly acquired Plumeria is about to open


Salvia Guarantica Black and Blue

Colorado Water Lily

Desert Rose

Tiger or Ditch Lily starting to open

I found some Gulf Fritillary Caterpillars on the P. Ceurulea

This Vitex is only 4 years old...about 10 feet tall!

White Althea

Calibrocha Tequila Sunrise

Downside is that I found mealy bugs on my brugs.


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figara(Ca 9)

Nice flowers you have there, Pam. I like all of them but I am especially fond of your Desert Rose.


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They all look great. The all white hibiscus is cool too. I lost my desert roses right at the end of winter. Will have to get another one and keep in the greenhouse this year. Something happened to the garage plants right in early spring and I lost a lot. Maybe I wasn't watching it as close as the greenhouse.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Hi Pat! I love the Desert Rose too! She was a gift from Kylie and these are my first blooms.

The Desert Rose was inside during winter Kristy. The only thing I lost (aside from most of my brug cuttings) was my Duranta Sapphire Showers and I need to replace her. I have two of those white Althea trees. I bet I can get a couple of cuttings for you and the best part is that they overwinter outside!


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I'm so jealous. I want Gulf Fritillary caterpillars!!! That's the reason I started growing passifloras years ago. I never got the GF's but did find another plant addiction. lol Your water lilies are beautiful. My ponds are so trashed from the tree damage we suffered last winter I can barely even see my WL foliage.

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Your plants look amazing, Pam, and I especially like the waterlilies!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Nice garden pictures. Love that Desert Rose. Another plant to add to the list.

No Gulf Fritillary here yet, but I keep looking. Something ate all the sunflower leaves but didn't see what it was. Looks like they are setting blooms anyway.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I love that waterlily! When we had our big pond, the blooms stood out of the water and were at least 6 inches across. It's stunted in the container but at least it gets good sun now.

The Plumeria bloomed today. I am in awe of the size of the blooms, I thought Plummies were smallish flowers. This one has blooms that are at least 3 inches across. It was supposed to be yellow. It smells like lemon pledge!

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PKponder TX(7b)

They do munch my ceurulea but my neighbor's may pop gets decimated!

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I get the gulf frits here but haven't seen them yet. My inground passi is growing really well so I'm sure they will eat it soon, lol. If my duranta come back I'll try to get a cutting for you. It always has before but have to remember where its planted and go check, lol. Its somewhere in the front bed. Not really sunny enough up there but things tend to come back better from the winter up there. I guess its more protected from the wind. We never got around to thinning the front trees like we usually do so things are slower out there with too much shade now. John has a pretty water lily blooming too but I don't know what it is, lol. I thought all I had in there was a yellow one and a tropical one but it doesn't look like either. Colorado is a beauty. The plumie is really pretty. I have a new light pink one blooming and a pretty yellow and white striped one and a red one opening. The tall dark pink one is loaded this year. I brought a lot of cuttings back from John's family's yards and the one growing on his Dad's grave that are doing well. One of my older ones looks like something is wrong with it. I want him to get it out of the greenhouse before the others get it. I noticed last year it looked like it has open sores on it. Thought it was from leaning against hot concrete but its doing it again in the greenhouse. I want to trash it but he won't let me.

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Nice plants!

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threas(z7 PA)

Great job, Pam! Everything is so beautiful!


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