These canna rhizomes were determined to sprout! : )

ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)March 11, 2010

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley, I'm new to Cannas and the Canna forum. I began to notice Cannas about a year ago, there was a house down the street from my apt that had a fence lined with cannas! So beautiful! Maroon foliage with bright orange flowers, it was always a pleasure to walk passed them.

So, I moved to Dallas and decided I wanted to try to grow smaller cannas in my back patio. I bought 4 bulbs/rhizomes of assorted mini cannas in Janurary, they were in a dark green bag and sealed. I forgot about them until now....

I read that feb and march are the times to plant canna in my zone so I bought soil and a long pot to plant them in. As I picked the bag of cannas up I realized it was heavier and not flimsy as before but puffed up completely. I could feel the stems that had grown in the dark bag for a couple of months. Poor plants! I felt so bad!

This is right after I opened the bag....they were all clumped together but it was easy to seperate them.

Here they are in their new open home! :) The bag said there were 4 but I count 6! :) The middle two stems sprouted from one rhizome

The stems are snapped, broken and some are slimy and rotting. I think that once they are out in the sun they should begin to perk up.

I will cut the black leaves and stems off but should I also cut the stems that are bent?

Also, I think that the pot I bought is too small. Is it? If so, how much bigger should I go since these are "mini" canna?

Thanks for the help!


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Welcome to the world of cannas. DonÂt be fooled by the term "mini". Dwarf cultivars typically produce a plant roughly 3 ft. in height with the bloom extending above the foliage. Since you indicate you will be growing on your patio, I suggest you grow each small plant in a container at least 15 to 18 inches (diameter). You could place your plants first in a smaller pot that is only 6 to 8 inches but within 4 to 6 weeks they would need to be transplanted into the larger container. You can cut off the misshapen and slimy growth.
Cannas produce a prodigious amount of roots and they quickly become root bound in smaller containers. In warm (hot) weather they will need plenty of water as well as nutrients. You will find it advisable to have a shallow drain pan under each pot to hold additional water. Most large containers can be purchased with fitted bottom pan. Good luck and enjoy.


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Ashley how are the cannas doing ??? I hope that they have sprouted new leaves and are doing better.

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ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)

Hi Roly!

They are doing great! Thanks for asking! I'll post a few pictures next week!

The leaves are mostly maroon with some green strips, they are still small but I'd say the leaves are about 10" or taller. Some are doing better than others, all are growing but some have grown more, and a couple are growing at an angle. Not sure if I should try to straighten them up or let them grow. I kinda just wanna let them grow since they had a rough start ;)


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ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)

Roly, here are a couple of photos of my cannas. They have been outside ever since I planted them.

Any advice about pot size? Should I replant them or do they look like they'll stay on the smaller size? They are suppose to be "small cannas" haha


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