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ianna(Z5b)June 21, 2006

I have a rant. What do you do if your neighbor's despite being asked not to, persist is letting their dogs pee in your yard? I spotted this of someone who was already told not to do so, and yet she just went on to allow her dog to pee in a neighbor's yard, knowing that the neighbor wasn't watching. It's not my fight but it rather peeves me because I know my neighbor has been trying really hard to keep her lawn looking great.


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That is frustrating! Some people just don't have respect or common sense. I'd suggest your neighbour get one of those motion activated water sprayers, like are used to keep deer and geese away. Maybe the dog's owner would get a shot of water as well (oh, that would be fun to see!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Motion activated sprinkler

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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

I had to put up a wire fence to keep the dogs out. It's even worse in townhouses, where there are so many more pets in close proximity.

The Joys of Townhouse Gardening

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

The dog owner probably thinks people are over reacting and doesn't see the harm in it - she's unlikely to make much of an effort to change. If you or your peed upon neighbour don't mind becomming the bad guys, you can insist on it in a big way, or perhaps present her with a list of problems caused by dog pee and the cost to repair them, with the hint that she'll be getting the bill if any such action is needed.

The motion activated sprinklers that garden_chicken mentioned might be the best idea, if you don't want to be confrontational.

What are the local by-laws about this kind of thing? It's usually not allowed. Perhaps photograph the dog and owner and try to get the city to cite the dog owner (often impossible, I know). This would probably have to be done by your neighbour, since she's the one with the pee problem. Seeing someone taking the photos might be enough to get the dog owner to stop.


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Thanks for the suggestions but I'm afraid the yard is small and a motion activated sprinkler will affect all passers by. I've suggested the use of critter ridder which uses pellets - the smell of which could deter animals. Sadly for one's pocketbook, you'd need to replace it every 30 days. I do love dogs but if they need to do their business, the owners should train them to use their own yards. That's not too hard to do is it? - Even the park for children has been affected. I see poop left behind.

I should have guts to confront the person but I've never been good at confrontation.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Maybe if this 'too lazy to train her dog' neighbour were to come home and find a well 'watered' baby diaper on her property, courtesy of the neighbours who don't appreciate having her dogs pee on their property, she might get the hint?....unless she's completely clueless, whereby a couple additional deposits in that 'wet diaper' may be necessary to get the point across.

I firmly believe if I can train a dog not to pee in my house, I can train it to not pee on the neighbours property.....

Dog and cat owners don't have a right to allow their pets to use their neighbours properties as their pets personal toilets and those that do are not good neighbours. They are lazy and perhaps would only get the hint if a container of wet & ripe kitty litter were deposited on their property.

I'm a pet owner and would never allow my pets to use someone else's yard/garden/grass as their personal 'sandboxes'. Those people that do stick in my craw & aren't good neighbours.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Amen, sydseeds! The problem is almost always with the owners and their unwillingness to train or clean up after their animals. We came home last week to a pile of dog poop two feet from our front step - and right under the living room window. Nice.

I don't like to go the confrontational route either, since it's much nicer to get along with your neighbours. But I'm into the passive agressive revenge - at least in my dreams :-). If I'd known who had let their dog poop under the window, they would have woken up to the relocated pile on their doorstep.

Maybe if the neighbour sprinkles a small amount of their own urine (under the cover of night, don't want anyone calling the cops!) around the border of their property, the dog will smell it as 'marked'?


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This is funny.. I went out for a walk near my office where there are old homes with small front yards and saw a sign written by some Chinese person - saying that whoever stole her/his plants will be cursed daily until the plants are returned.

Hmm -- now I think that's a bit too extreme. I would still go for the critter ridder for now..


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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

I too own several pets .. none of which I would allow to relieve themselves on someone elses property. I have had the occassional accident with one of my dogs while out for a walk. I actually took my whole bottle of water and poured it over the spot where she had urinated to dilute the mess and save the grass. All I have to do is look out into my own backyard to see the damage that urine can do to a lawn :o(

I love the idea of the motion sensor sprinkler ... does this person have a routine where they walk their dog at about the same time every day?? If so an easy solution is to have a normal sprinkler going at that time. Set it on a timer so that it only runs for a short period when they are out walking their dog.

I think that speaking to them is the best way of dealing with the situation .. but as you have said this has not worked. I think I would ponder a passive aggressive attack also :o) We have an elderly dog on our street that likes to rip open everyones garbage .. the owner does nothing to stop him ... one night I thought about ripping his garbage open and leaving it all over his yard to clean up in the morning .. but the raccoons beat me to it :o)

All in all there is no perfect way to get someone to take responsibility for their pet. Damage created by human urine doesnt hold a candle to what a dogs urine can do .. especially a female dogs. Roundup has the same effect :o) But that would be considered unlawful to spray someones lawn with that (so remember to hide the label) lol .. just joking.


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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

or salt with an "an A.. H... lives here" poured on the front lawn. Really don't do it. I saw that happen in my youth, and the lawn did not recover for several years.

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I get giant piles of the other left behind by one dog owner. I've never seen the dog 'do' it, I just get to clean it up.
How do these people justify this behavior to themselves? I do not get it.


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merricat(Zone 3a Canada)

I agree completely: dog AND CAT owners need to be responsible and respectful of other's property and feelings. No argument there. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats, and I have little sympathy for people who say "hey, it's a natural biological thing, I can't do anything about it." It makes me want to say "yes, and how would you like it if I left a little "gift" on your lawn. And I am NOT talking canine!

But I also have a question.

Dogs (humans, etc) will excrete urea, which combines with H2O to form ammonia. I've used ammonia in bug-control sprays with no problem. I've never worried too much about the "liquid visits" because I've never noticed any damage (and we are a corner lot in a MANY DOG town.)

Other than being rude and insensitive, is this something that actually will cause physical damage?

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Well, apart from being stinky and possibly not healthy for children walking barefooted and rolling in the area in the area, fresh urea will burn grass or other plants especially in a hot day. What's more, when one dog or cat, marks an area, it will encourage others to do mark that same spot. You can easily spot the damage. In a virtually green front lawn, the spot that got marked is a dried up & brown.

I too have animals, cats and know just how potent their excrements are. A house plant died becuase of one naughty cat.


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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

They killed off my very small cedar tree. It was an irresistible target in the winter, with no planters to work on. The black spot on one side was the giveaway that this was not standard winter damage.

Janet's Garden

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