Are Canadians As Hosta Crazy As Our American Friends?

gardengal106 Roses and Gardening In GeneralJune 28, 2005

I find that the Americans are very hosta crazy. Is it because they have better weather? I know they have a much better variety to choose from, and the prices are much more reasonable. I have found a few suppliers with good prices, and nice plants, but most nurseries have MAYBE if lucky 15-20 varieties. Also with visiting the hosta forum I notice alot of people trading with each other. Is the interest just catching on up this way? I know I just started a couple of years ago, but I don't see many Canadians trading on the exchange page. I wish we could get in on the American trading, it drives me crazy seeing all the great hostas they have.

Ok.........I am done ranting now. LOL

Happy Hosta Hunting !!


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Hi! I also garden in Z5a. I have about 15 hostas. If its variety you want, there is a gentleman in Feversham who owns Brookside Gardens. His name is Wayne Good. He has lots of hostas and daylilies. His prices are fairly reasonable. He only had a small greenhouse when I was there 2 years ago, but he had hostas packed in there. Think I'll be heading back there in a few weeks. I love hostas! Marg

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I love Hostas and have a lot of them...although not a large variety of them. I'll post a picture of them later on.

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Atahualpa(6b Toronto Ont)

Hi, try "Greg's Hosta Habit" ( in Norwich (near woodstock). He has over 100 varieties and he is very friendly, his plants are good and prices not bad. There is also Hosta Choice in Appin (near london). They also have many a hosta.

There is also a guy in Waterdown, Chris Potze, and Keith Squires in Milton (on Derry), and another smaller place in london (trillium gardens?).

In 3 year's time I have collected more than 80 varieties and have only scratched the surface of these suppliers (if only I have more room! Maybe it's time to try some pots?).

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Atahualpa(6b Toronto Ont)

Oh, one more thing,

Join the Ontario Hosta society and go to the annual auction in Toronto or simply look through the list of members find others near you. I am a member and the little booklet of all the others must be some 20 pages long!

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Bless_My_Bloomers(Z5b Canada)

Not sure where you are located but Humber Nurseries has aisles and aisles and aisles of hostas..including, I'm told, some hard to find varieties.


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I am . I have almost 700 varieties and I'm still looking for more is the way to go and is soooo much fun . I've been trading with people across Canada for about 4 years now. It really helps build a collection. I buy tons too of course. There are quite a few good nurseries out there...mostly by mail for me. Hosta Choice and Budds Nursery in Ont have lots of varieties,

Anita in Halifax

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Gardeness(Z5a - Barrie,ON)

Sure we are!

I'm about to cross the 200 variety mark today in Hostas. Also have 400+ varieties of daylilies. I've been trading cross Canada since 1999 and cross border pre-9/11. It's a great way to get new-to-me hostas and other plants.

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I really enjoy hostas, but have to be careful - My neighbours are extremely frustrated as their hostas get eaten by the deer all the time. I don't think they like the taste of mine though. I sprayed them early in the season with amonia mixed with coffee to deter the slugs, and saw some deer nibbling, but that was the end of that. The neighbours won't take my recommendations, and so theirs' get chewed to the ground at least three times a year.

I did winter sow some seeds this year, and have quite a few seedlings. Since they don't come true to the parent, and a high percentage are just green, it's quite exciting to see a variegated one show-up! Out of multiple seedlings, just two are showing some variegation. But I'm pleased with that!

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Gardeness(Z5a - Barrie,ON)

By the way - have you seen the posting on the Canadian Garden Exchange where "digs57" is getting together an order of Hosta liners?

It's a great list of hostas! I'll find room in my yard for more (somehow).

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Persian_Shield(z5a canada)

hi,i dont know about the americans,but im crazy for them .i have alot of them im now growing them from seed this is exciting because you dont realy know what you will get,something new,or something out of this world.
has anyone els tried growing them from seed.

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wayner2000(5b Ontario)

Well, here's another hosta crazy from Canada, zone 5B, I love hostas and can't get enough of them.........Wayne

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sorellina(z5/6 Toronto)

LOL, Bloomers is right, Humber has like a zillion varieties of hostas it seems and from the Toronto swaps, yep, Canucks are hosta crazy. I'm no expert but I've only seen more hostas grown in the Pacific Northwest than out here and that's because hostas love shade and the PNW actually has trees. Big trees. Not knocking the maples, but the dearth of evergreens can get to a transplanted Westerner at times. BTW, what do you do when the hosta is done flowering?

Julianna, really trying not to over-prune her perennials and wishing perennials were edible like nasturtiums and sunflowers.

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kiterloo(5b ON)

I am a complete hosta nut!!! I have over 30 varieties currently (only collecting for 2 years now). Another great place is Belgian Nurseries they are in Breslaugh, ON (between Kitchener and Guelph on Hwy7). My husband croaked when I spent $100.00 on 3 plants (2 bue mouse ears and one praying hands LOL). They have a very nice variety (list on webpage).

I still have a ton of room in my garden for more hostas, nevermind the 10x50' addition my wonderful husband is putting in this weekend!!

I will be posting my have/want list this weekend.

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here in nova scotia. would like to trade hostas. have 172 different ones. hostaanita where are you located.

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wyndyacre(z6B SW Ont.)

A couple people mentioned Hosta Choice in Appin, Ont as a source for hostas. I'm afraid that business has closed due to the deaths of the owners. Udo Dargatz passed away in May of this year and I was shocked to find out on the website that his wife, Margot also died last month.

Their garden and business was a boon for all hosta lovers, a popular and gorgeous location and they will be greatly missed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Choice Has Closed

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Oh, yes! There are plenty of Canuck Hostaholics, yours truly certainly counts himself as one. I participated in the Hallson's Secret Trade this past year -it was organized by Natalie from Montreal, not sure she's on this or any GW forum for that matter- and it was great fun and very rewarding. In addition I approached a lady in Ottawa -Hi Dorothy- and we arranged a swap as well. For those interested you can read all about my Hosta adventures on my personal website. I'm on a small suburban lot, 50x100, so there is really only so much physical space I have for planting in the ground, but I do grow a fair number in pots. I'm up to around 45 cultivars and always looking for more. I have attached below a link to my Hosta list @ Hallson's which shows not just what I have, but also what I'm lusting after.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pietertje's Hosta Lists

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Also, you can trade with gardeners from the US, you just can't send them any plants or seeds. They can send them to you, though. Try asking to trade something else, like, garden paintings, ornaments, etc. or offer to pay for postage plus a little extra for trouble.

The Canadian customs is not as hard to get along with as the US customs. A few years ago I was trading plants from Europe with no problems, especially other Commonwealth countries - openly and honestly marked (until the postage got too expensive and I moved into an apt and took a break from gardening for a couple of years).

Now I'm back...

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big_foot(5b halifax ns)

I too; love hostas have over 300 types; some time ago I found that I liked leaf texture and colour very much; at one time I would start some 200 flats of annuals now I do about 10 and even so most are for leaf colour and form.We now have a hosta mailorder here in NS HOSTA GEEK check him out; HE HAS TOLD ME THAT HE WILL UPDATE HIS SITE IN ABOUT 2 WEEKS.

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imagooch Z6a SW ON(zone 6a Chatham ON)

I think so - I have close to 90 and some more on order already. Another Hosta enthusiast in Chatham has a LOT more - so I think we are all together in this affliction. But at least we don't have vet fees, and they don't wake us up at night to let them in.... or out! Cats are always on the wrong side of the door or window.

It is really too bad about Hosta Choice - over 3/4 of mine came from there. I will really miss them; they were so knowledgeable and willing to share what they knew.

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Is there anyone from Cambridge, Ont. who has Hosta's to share? I dont have too many yet but may have a couple or so?

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jan_on zone 5b

Leaflover -- this OP is very old, but it might give you some ideas. By the way, Hosta Choice Nursery is very much alive and well under new ownership.

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I enjoy Hosta's very much as well.
Not only in Hostas but with most plants
Always amazes me how people keep the names of their plants straight.
I have lots of Hosta
Never actually counted them and I mix up the names. actually most times I totally forget which one is which

I am getting older and sometimes, yes, weary, but much enjoy my gardens
And have learned quite a bit gardening over the years
I want a garden that looks good all the time with not a lot of daily work
So Hostas and Hydrangeas have become favourites.

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lupinguy(s ontario)

Hi I know this thread is kinda old but I really just got into hostas last year. I have 25 varieties to date although I am looking to add more! I am looking for any other Hosta Fanatics in the Hamilton Ontario area as I could use some advise on planting locations!

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Last year, I got a good deal on hostas through kijiji. She was dividing up her mounds and selling extras at a $1 each, so I got 10.
It can do no harm to put a hostas wanted post there this spring and see what turns up?


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