Cross-pollination necessary for Serviceberry

ssahmedJune 9, 2007

Is it absolutely necessary to plant two or more Serviceberry shrubs to ensure cross-pollination (for flowering and fruiting)?

I seem to keep getting different answers from different nurseries: Sheridan nurseries insist that I should plant two of them to ensure cross pollination while Humber Nursery says that it is absolutely not required! Who do I believe??!!

I don't have space to plant two Serviceberries, just one.

I'd appreciate some advice from fellow Canucks (or fellow Torontonians!).



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Hi there,

I have had a serviceberry (just one!) planted in my yard for 5 years, and every spring it's covered with white flowers. In late May the berries form, and now they are starting to turn blue. As far as I know, there are no other Serviceberries in my immediate area. So go ahead and plant just one. You will love it - and so will the birds!

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Hi Judith,

Thanks for the info - I am relieved to hear that! One more question: the serviceberry does change its foliage colour in the fall, right?


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I agree with Judith - you only need one tree. It will change foliage colours to a reddish hue in the fall. Lovely tree. Trim it properly to keep it's shape.


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