need seedling expert advice please

v1rtMarch 8, 2009

I got canna seeds from trade. I sanded the dark part until I saw the white surface. I soaked them for 2 days then transfered them to a small 2" diameter plastic pot with pro-mix potting mix. It's also on the south side window sill. After 4 days which is actually today, I checked if there was some progress. Hooray, I saw about 4mm of root.

I would like to make them successful. However, I think we still have 60 more days of cold weather. I'm worried that they might experience damping off. How do I take care of them indoors?

Thanks in advance!


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Here she is. I looked at 2 more seeds and they're almost the same lenght as well. :D

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Hey neil, your on your way to having great canna plants, just keep them warm. soon you will see small leaves.


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Thanks Siam!

I looked at the other types this morning and I didn't see any germination yet. Those seeds are labeled Red Small Canna and Canna Peach. Not sure why I'm not seeing any progress but the Canna President seeds are doing well. I see about 80% germination.

I'll post more pictures in 2 weeks or a month.

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Your canna seedlings look to be off to a good start but C. ÂPresident (for all practical purposes) is a sterile cultivar and does not produce seed. This should not detract from the pleasure and enjoyment of seeing what your seedlings produce. They simply will not be a hybrid of President but some other cultivar!

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It's ok even if they don't flower. I love cannas for their foliage. Will it have the same foliage?

Thanks Kent. :)

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I am not sure you grasp the point I was trying to make. Not a big deal, just an attempt on my part to suggest that your seedlings are not directly an offspring of President. Your supplier (trader) simply misidentified the seed parent for the reason state earlier. Since we have no clue as to the real parent we cannot even guess what the seedlings will produce in the way of bloom, foliage etc. ThatÂs the fun of growing from seed. With a little luck you will know in a few days the general leaf color and with time the seedlings should bloom.
Be sure to give the new seedlings plenty of sun. You apparently have a couple of months before you will be able to move them to outside. Seedlings grown indoors tend to get leggy if they do not get enough sunlight. This is especially true with elevated temperatures and insufficient sunlight. Before you ultimately transplant the seedlings outside, be sure to harden them off to prevent stress.

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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

With regards to your concerns about damping off, in my experience large monocot seedlings don't seem to suffer from it - they are pretty tough and easy to deal with right from the germination stage. Sometimes as they germinate they push themselves out of the soil and the roots can be exposed to the air; if this happens I would make sure the roots are covered with compost and that only the shoot is exposed to the air.

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Got it! :) Looks like the spot where I placed them is perfect.

ornata, I'll make sure when they become exposed, I will cover it.

Here are the Day 16 pics taken few minutes ago.

The other seeds didn't germinate. They just rotted. I saw some white molds on the outer layer. There was one that germinated but roots became dark yellow. :(

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I think all my seedlings are dead. I was away for 3 days and 3 nights. When I saw them last night, all their leaves didn't look good. All had brown edges and the leaves that were previously smooth are now wrinkled and looks dry. :(

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Hey V1rtu0s1ty, was checking up to see how other with seedlings were doing. I hope they bounced back with a good drink. If not, It may not be too late to start a new batch. If they're indeed gonners, would you like to trade or sase for some tropical sunrise canna seeds. Open polinated, so you won't know what you're going to get.

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I sowed all the seeds I received from trade. I think I have total of 16 seeds. Only those you see in the pics germinated. I don't have anymore seeds to trade. I do have other perennial seeds. I'm not sure if you're interested.

I gave them a heavy drink that night. Some recovered but the others are still in question and looks like it's not going to make it.

Here are the latest pics taken 5 mins ago. Oh, I moved them to 1st floor near backdoor. It gets better sun in the new location.

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