Always failing with hibiscus?

ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)April 25, 2011

I have planted hibiscus shrubs off and on in the past several years. They usually die after a winter or two outside (we do seem to have had bad frosts in the past five years). I do have 3 shrubs left over that are alive but mangy looking with yellow leaves or sickly olive green leaves. I remember that one of them had a scale attack a couple of years ago. Mine never puts out vigorous, healthy, green stems but just a few leaves here and there on existing stems.

I am planning on giving them a shot again this year. They are one of my favorite flowers and thought that it would make a great hedge alongside my neighbor's yard who also loves these flowers. Any special tips on how to be successful?

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Move to southern California! There are some cultivars of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis that handle our winters better than others, but in general they just don't like our winters. Better to plant one up against the house facing south or west, with a large overhang to keep it drier in winter. Not going to work as a hedge out in the open, wishful thinking to think they will.

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I grew two in Watsonville for several years before the frost got them. They were on the east side and on each side of the steps into the house. They were a magnet for scale which turned the stems black. Because of their location spraying for scale without getting it all over the steps was difficult. When they died no one cried. Al

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

They are not all that great in So Cal either, unless you are in Sunset 24. San Diego is best.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I had one- it always looked terrible, got scale, giant whiteflies, and the leaves were always yellow. I took a few photos of the extraordinary flower (one) and shovel-pruned the shrub. I think they like Hawaii.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

And to think that I wasted so many $$$ on them all these years! I should sue all the local nurseries that sell them as perennials over here - they perennially waste my money. I might still try growing one against a south facing wall to see how well they survive, but I will divert my energies to camellias now. Thanks, as always.

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I'm in Oceanside,along the coast.We have several of them,all different varieties,the main problem we have with them is white flies,but we just blast them with water,and if there are a lot of white flies we make up a soapy water and spray them,leave it on for awhile,followed by blast of water again.
Our plate size hibiscus is gorgeous,and we also have a pink and white one that's at least 15 ft tall,dh cuts it back quite often,we also have yellow,red and a few other colors.
Later on i'll try to remember to go to my pb and find pictures of mine and show you.

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