Plants trade in Richmond-Hill OR Markham area!

samfawzy10(Z5)June 25, 2014

Is there anyone interested in a plant swap in Richmond-hill OR Markham are? I would be willing to host it. Let me know if you are interested and whether you want specific trades.

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now that is interesting not anyone posted re a plant swap in your area
Look in some areas how it really is a big hit

I am out in Barrie, and entered in Communities in Bloom again this year. Over 100 entries in Barrie this year.

I do have some nice gardens heee but not the energy to dig up and pot up plants for a trade

Good of you to suggest the idea of a plant trade Hope it will be a go for you some time

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Hi, samfawzy10:

What plants have you got?
I have Peppermint which is growing crazily in my garden.
I got it from a plant swat last year.
I have pink Peony.

I have a Fig tree/bush which is growing in the garden for 2 years now, it was indoor for several years before I put it outside.
This Fig has to be covered in the Fall to survive the cold Winter.
I need to figure out how to propagate it so I can give to others.

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have to think about this just got in from vacation

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How does this work? Do we list what we have to trade and take them to your place for the other person? Where about are you in York Region? I would like to know to see if the drive from Toronto is worth it or not. Thx

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