Breeding cannas?

Desirai(7B)March 19, 2012

Question about cannas! The cannas I have in my yard are 10 years old and are yellow. They're some sort of a hybrid that does NOT produce seeds.

The cannas I have now are salmon pink cannas and DO produce seeds.

If I give yellow canna pollen to the salmon cannas, will the salmon cannas still produce seeds? Will they be either yellow OR salmon or still just salmon? Or some awesome combo color!?

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Cannas that do not produce seed often produce pollen that has some degree of fertility. Your success may depend to repeated attempts.
There is no way to accurately predict the results of a successful cross pollination. Hybrid cannas carry a number of dominate and recessive gene possibilities even when backcrossed with their parent. With two distinct cultivars the seedlings receive half of their chromosomes from each parent. The results typically produce a few radically different plants but most will have strong physiological characteristics of one of the parents.
One would likely have to make a hundred plus crosses of the same two parents to determine a "typical" result. That�s what makes hybridizing interesting.

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