The lawncare people cut down my cannas HELP

DanaHealer(z7b AL)March 25, 2005

The lawncare people cut down about 20 of my newly popping up cannas. There were anywhere from 2 - 20 inches tall.

Any idea if these plant will continue to grow & flower?

Anything I can do for them.



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When my parents first moved into their new home, Dad mowed over the cannas without knowing what they were, and they kept coming back. Finally, he got smart and decided to see what he was mowing, and was rewarded with cannas. Don't worry. It is hard to kill cannas. Now, he can't find people to give the tubers to when he needs to thin out, and he roto-tills the soil, and enough survive to re-populate over the next couple of years.

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cannafreak(z7 NY)

Hi Dana,
My next door neighbor did the same for 2 years thinking they were a weed of some sort. So do not worry if my neighbors survived after all that yours will be fine.

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DanaHealer(z7b AL)

Thank you for the information.
The lawn guys came back and I showed them were NOT to mow.
I hope this is the last plant decapitation.

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