Digging on Thursday, miss anyone?

beachplant(9b)March 23, 2010

I'm digging the banana canna on Thursday (if it doesn't rain!) and I have Mori, Gail & Roxanne as wanting some of this one. Mori wants a couple of others too.

Anyone else want banana canna let me know before Thursday, I'll check my e-mail tomorrow afternoon. It survived Hurricane Ike & 4' of storm surge for 24 hours and 40+ hours below freezing.

Tally HO!

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how much are they?


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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

Hi Beachplant,

I'm just getting into cannas. I had one last year that a friend gave me it was beautiful and attracted the very first hummingbird to my yard. I have since purchased a few more. If it's not too late I would love to have some of your Banana Canna. I'll supply postage, just let me know.
Thank you for your time.

Ten Steps

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Change of plans, I didn't dig anything last week, rain, work on the house.....always something! BUT I am off again this Thursday, will be digging and mailing on Friday. Send me your address if you want some. Postage or trades, since most of the yard is dead pretty much any plant that can survive Galveston is welcome.
Tally HO!

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DON'T PANIC! I still haven't finished! The guys have been working on the house for the past 2 weeks, for some odd reason I thought I could actually garden while they were here. DUH! Anyway, the guys are done for the moment, I am working through Wednesday then off to El Paso for class, so it's gonna be NEXT week before I get anything dug and mailed, Packages will go out the 13th. In my defense the house was burned up by the roofers doing Ike repairs and I just wanna go home! We're back in and now the majority of repairs are done, yeah!
Tally HO!

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bev2009(6 IN)

I emailed you about your address, but haven't heard back. Sounds like you are busy, so I'll be patient.


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thank you very much for the rhizomes.


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thanx for the rhizomes they look great---your envelope is on its way back to you


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I mailed out 11 boxes of plants! If you have received yours I'd really appreciate it if you dropped the postage in the mail to me. I spent over $100 on postage!!!
Tally HO!

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Just an update on the Banana Canna. Mine is up already with it's first leaf about 12 iches tall and another sprout coming up as well. I'm very excited to see it get big and bloom

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