Is this a mammillaria?

zoe_eozMay 17, 2012

Hi, this is a cactus I've had for seven or eight years now. I used to be happy simply knowing it's a cactus, but now I'm not. I did a search and I think it's a mammillaria but I'm not sure and don't know what kind it is...anybody knows?



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yes it is a Mammillaria.. sorry, don't know which

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Names can be so hard, and start so many arguments. Here is a gallery of decent Mamm photos to while away the hours. Your plant is a fairly common one, it also resides in my collection. (Maybe M. zeilmanniana?)

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I believe that's Mammillaria boscana.


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Thanks everybody, I've looked at pictures of the kinds you suggested and zeilmenniana looks quite plausible, I think I'll go with it. Thanks for the advice, however unimportant the name of the plant may seem...

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