First time planting a stored Tropicana root

washoe_mark(5)March 30, 2011

For the first time I saved the roots of Tropicanas from Lowes that I grew in pots & stored them under my house for the winter. How soon can I start them in a new pot & how deep should I place the root? I have a green house but it's not heated & does get cold at night, 110 degrees during the day. I live in northern NV. I attempted a few new plants already. Also, I trimmed the long stringy roots. Am I supposed to do that?

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Assuming your rhizomes survived the winter storage, you can repot your cannas roughly 3/5 weeks prior to moving outside for the summer. If you have a heated and well lighted area you could start earlier. Once plants emerge, do not allow to freeze. Trimming the old feeder roots is not a problem. Most containers sold at Lowes and other outlets are not large enough for maximum potential growth. I would suggest a much larger container for each large 3/5 eye rhizome.

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Thank you very much for the response. I believe the rizomes are fine. A couple look dead. Also I'm going to try planting a few in the ground but I know I'll have to dig them up in fall. Our winters are to harsh.

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