datura growing with tomato

latha(5b)June 20, 2010


I have datura plant growing with tomato in a pot. Since all parts of datura is toxic, should I move this plant out? If I leave the plant is the tomatoes safe for use. If I transplant the datura now will it survive? Both tomato and datura has buds forming.




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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

I've heard of people growning Datura and Brugs among their herbs and vegetables. Also, don't tomato plants and Datura both belong to the deadly nightshade family? Yet tomato fruit are safe to eat.

Even so, personally, I wouldn't eat those tomatoes; I'd get rid of the plant and keep the Datura. But that's just my opinion.

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Both are nightshades.

To my knowledge, the only plant whose poison seeps into the ground is monkshood. But I have not done extensive research on whether the toxins in datura can be transmitted into tomato fruits. I will suggest you don't use the tomato until someone can verify that it's safe to do so. I would remove either the tomato or datura, as it seems they are rather close and crowded.

I would take the bud off the datura (if and when you transplant it). It should survive the transplant provided it gets shade and ample water the first few weeks.

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Yikes, never knew that of monkshood. The chemical leaching I mean. That's why I won't grow monkshood

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Hi all

Thanks so much for the helpful advice. I have transplanted the datura and the plant is is looking good.

Here is the plant with the bloom before transplant.


thanks again

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When the plant comes up again, please contact me. I am looking to purchase a datura plant, so it would be great if I could buy a division from you. My email address is plantguy95@mchsi.com

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