Canna not back

rotarycoachMarch 31, 2009

I have some Cannas that I planted last year at the bottom of a slope where the ground stays pretty moist. They unfortunately have not made an appearance yet this spring... My question is do you think they experienced rot over the winter, or is this too early and maybe they will be sprouting up later. Thanks!

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It is safe to dig em up. Dig them up so you'll know their status.

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Unless your cannas sat in water all winter, I bet they're fine;
in Georgia, as here in Texas, cannas are tremendously happy, & they'll come back forever.

Mine in zone 8a have just started emerging, so yours may be a little bit later.

(but if you've dug them up, don't worry; I don't think cannas care if they're dug up, moved around, whatever!)

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They dont like winter moisture in zone 7. Dig them up and if they are musshy then they have rotted.

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