Conpanion Plants

BronxFigsMay 12, 2012

So now I just potted up a small collection of Caudiciform succulents, Cyphostemma, Adenium, Fockea, and some Clivia, and I would like to plant some low-growing, mat-forming. tiny, succulents along with them in the same pots. They'll need to have the same growing conditions, cultural needs, and dormancy requirements. I was thinking some rock garden Sedums, South African succulents, ice-plants, etc.

Any suggestions? Some competition is a good thing, and will add visual interest.


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I don't know of any which are winter-dormant.

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I have my Clivias in the ground and i have creeping jenny as a ground cover.They work well together,at least for me they do.

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