Help moving garden shed!

mikomum(2b)June 13, 2011

We had a new garden shed built, on skids (offsite) and delivered. The ground was very wet when it was delivered so we currently have the 8x12 shed sitting on our boulevard (thank goodness for forgiving small town life!).

My question is should we get the fork lift to move it across the lawn when the ground is REALLY dry or should we move it when we've had a bit of moisture. My father in law insists the ground will actually incur LESS damage if it isn't too dry.

I just don't want huge ruts through my lawn!

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Depends on soil structure....if it's clay, make sure it's really dry. If it's sandy, a bit of moisture will reduce the damage.

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hmmm, it's pretty much good black topsoil under the lawn. If I had to say, it would lean more towards clay than sandy though. When we bought this house the elderly couple who owned it had the entire back yard as a vegetable garden so we packed and laid sod on that, 7 years ago.

We have had rain the past few days and it's supposed to continue so no rush at this point! Grrr... I wish we would have moved it when it was dry!

Thanks smivies!

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