pest on my sand cherry

suman5214June 2, 2014

Just discovered the pest today on my sand cherry, i have no clue if it will hurt the tree or not. Please help me to identify what kind of species and possibly the treatment of it.

Thank you in advance.

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Scales and babies.. and yes they do suck out the nutrients from the tree. Use a soap based insecticide to remove them.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Soap based insecticide will not penetrate the waxy protective shell of the scale.....
Do the following to get rid of this critter..
Mix 40 parts water with 8 parts of rubbing alcohol and one part dish soap.......spray and soak the entire tree. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with a garden hose (with some water pressure) will see alot of the scales come off and the remaining ones on the tree will be dead......
The alcohol in this mixture dissolves the scale's waxy coating, allowing the soap to kill the critter under the shell.....
This works very well, getting rid of magnolia scale.....
Spray on a cloudy day......You may have to repeat this in a couple of days if you missed any.

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good point ian.

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