Canna Seed Pod

buckeyefaninfl(Z9 Wesley Chapel, FL)April 25, 2006

Can anyone post a picture of a canna seed pod? I have been researching the past posts to try and identify if my cannas produce seeds or not. I haven't been able to tell by observation of the canna. I bought them from Home Depot as a 'Dwarf Canna' for $2.50.

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Here's a link of some seeds in a pod.

Even if your canna came with a name, I wouldn't count on it being correct. They often have mislabeled cannas.


Here is a link that might be useful: Seed pod

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buckeyefaninfl(Z9 Wesley Chapel, FL)

Wow, what a great web site. Thanks Jenna.

It looks like mine produce the outer pod, but with no seeds in them.

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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

They often do that. You have to feel each pod to find out if there's actually anything in it!

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kellyinflorida(9 Heart of Florida)

You may already know this but you can take a q-tip and collect the pollen from the flowers and as you go from one flower to another you'll be pollinating each of them. They will produce seeds after that.


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