Bugs eating my hostas

mizcupcakeJune 29, 2009

I have a number of orange bugs on the undersides of my hostas...do not know what they are - have tried Safers Insecticidal Soap to spray them but it seems useless unless I can actually spray the bug...does anyone know

what these are and the 'fix' for them?

Many thanks for your replies.


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Try Neem oil. It's considered organic. It's an anti-feedant. Non toxic to pets and Bees. The bugs stop eating and just starve to death.

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They may be assassin bugs and if they are then they are not eating you plants but going after what is. Look up assassin bugs and see if that's them before you do anything more

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OILPAINTER many thanks for your reply but after looking them up these are not what I have ....mine look more like a large ladybug but are soft tissue and orange rather than red.
I wil get some neem oil and see if that does the trick.
Again thank you Brenda

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Hi Brenda. Before you start spraying, here are 2 sites for you to check: www.ladybuglady.com, it might be the asian ladybug & www.vegipm.tamu.edu/imageindex.html
Hope these help. Marg

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