Help w/ dried bulbs please?!

jjdbikeApril 21, 2012

Last year I bought some beautiful cannas. At the end of the season I dug them up, trimmed and washed them. I put them in my basement. They dried out and were not covered in pete or anythng else. Are they gonners or do I have a chance of haveing them grow & bloom? I believe I did this once before. I planed them in the ground and the grew very slowly. The didn't bloom until frost. If thats the case is there a way to jump start them. Can I soak them in compost tea and plant them in pots on the deck until they start to grow? HOw shlud I fertalize them to maximise and quicken growth?

Thanks for any advice!

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I dug mine up last year, did no prepping for winter...just left the root balls in pails. I misted them with water occasionally, and they started growing in February. I've since taken some of the larger actively growing plants and potted them. Try misting them and seeing what happens...if you get shoots, great! Mine are growing like weeds! I'm looking forward to this year... I have Australia and some generic green one, but new for this year I also have Cleopatra, Bengal Tiger and Pink Sunburst.

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