Please identify and suggest fertilizer

dennisoatesApril 20, 2014

Best fertilizer suggestions , thanks

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If you are growing in the U.S. I believe this cultivar was/is sold under the name of Canna Yellow King Humbert (Horn Cannas). This cultivar was first introduced from Europe in the early 1900âÂÂs and was classified with the Italian group of cultivars. This particular group consists of hybrid crosses that produce very large flowers but the plants are triploids (genetics-sterile) due to the breeding.

The valid name for the cultivar is likely either Canna Roma or Canna Italia; there seems to be some question among the experts.

Your plants look excellent at this time and you can always supplement the feeding with a general granular or liquid fertilizer. I would suggest you thin out your bed to prevent the overcrowding. You need to consider posting your location. That is often an important factor.


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Thanks for the tips Ken !

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PS I am in SW Florida

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kiwilad55(N.T. Australia)

Cannas are gross feeders - they love deep rich compost, seaweed, horse manure etc. I live on the ocean so my daily ritual is grab a bucket and walk the beach picking up seaweed, dead fish etc. Throw it all in a wheeley bin, fill it with water and leave for a couple of weeks to break down - then once every two or three weeks each canna plant - plus everything else in my garden gets a bucket of liquid under the foliage on the soil base - best fertilizer ever.

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