Ontario Nurseries Selling Goutweed

teabag43June 13, 2008

Our premier in Ontario has announced a province wide ban on pesticides and herbacides beginning in the spring of 2009. Of course this ban does not apply to Golf courses or farmers only to home owners who use these products for cosmetic purposes.

I visited our parents graves and saw that they are overgrown with goutweed. The headstones are not even visible. When I spoke to the cemetary officials they informed me that they don't use herbacides and that the government has so ordered it; which really isn't true until next spring. The problem is this plant is being sold in nurseries throughout the province and it is known to destroy natural habitat. I believe the sale of it should be banned. People plant this stuff because they really don't know any better.

I will try to get rid of it using wipeout on new leaf growth and then put a layer of heavy burlap down then place patio stones on top of it coming out from the grave. Any better ideas. Goutweed will be growing alongside on both sides of the patio stones unless I start taking on the job as cemetary custodian....lol I just figured that the stones is the best way to go.

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Not only do certain garden centres sell aegopodium they charge an extremely high price. I saw a centre 3 years ago charge 12.99 for a six pack of the obnoxious beast. I was at a seminar sponsered by our local garden centre and the topic was native plants. I couldn't believe the so-called expert. She had the nerve to say that vinca was a native plant. Of course they were selling vinca for 16.99. I thought it was highly unethical. Do anything to sell a plant attitude really bothers me.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I was at Farmers Market one day and there was this Earthy kind of woman selling potted plants, many of which had medicinal properties. Among them: COMFREY. I had comfry in my garden already. A well meaning Babushka who lived there before me planted it for its said medicinal qualtities. It was a thug that went from zero to shrub in two weeks. You could dig it up and if one shred of root fibre was left it would grow again. And rototilling was a bad idea because it just chopped it up into that many more pieces, all of which would regrow. Man I hope to heck she was telling folks to grow it in a POT.
I have some thistle and some nightshade and pigweed growing in my garden. Wonder if I could find some medicinal property for it and sell it?

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There are lots of thugs - including the chinese lanterns, the mints, the willows!,artemisia silver king and queen, even bee balm will sometimes be invasive, japanese anemone, etc... It's buyers beware I suppose

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Don't get me started about plume poppy!

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claubill(z3Sud ONT)

How about sorrel and Queen Ann's Lace. My front yard is invaded by them and I can't even get rid of them without pulling my lovely perennials which I just may do and start all over again.

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One persons invasive weed can be someone else's problem solver...Just depends on the location as well as the type of gardener you are. I have goutweed thriving in a corner between steps and a corner of the house. Light cream coloured leaves look great in this dark, dry corner under an old spreading juniper. It's pretty much restricted to that corner. You certainly don't want to plant it where it can go anywhere....A B.C. organic gardener.

I grow a number of other things that most folk would shy away from because they seed prolifically. But as I have to weed out by hand thousands of Chinese elm tree seedlings every spring anyway, I can remove other things that aren't where I want them to be while I am at it. The seedlings I want to keep can be transplanted to other places while they are still quite small or completely removed if I already have enough.
There is no doubt that goutweed should come with a warning on the tag, and I think, the better growers are starting to wise up and include such information. Selling things to people that are going to cause them problems, is a short sighted business practice, that backfires.

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I do know that both Massachusetts and Connecticut have banned goutweed as the seeds can spread and choke out native plants.

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