BST only attached at bottom

weed30August 2, 2010

For some reason, one of my BSTs could not make his sling. He had made the silk button at the bottom, but then was just hanging out at a 45 degree angle. I gently placed him upright and he grabbed the screen he's on, but this morning he's hanging again.

Since he is on a very fine mesh screen, I don't think I can successfully make a sling for him, and I'm thinking about getting him off the screen altogether and laying him on a towel. However he hasn't even made his chrysalis yet, so I'm unsure. Or should I just forget the whole thing and euthanize? Although he looks fine, there is obviously something wrong with him if he couldn't make his sling.

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runmede(7a Virginia)

It is always better to wait and see what happens. I only give help when it is absolutely needed. If the caterpillar is still active, give it more time.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

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OK, I'll wait it out. He looks so pitiful. He's now hanging vertical - butt is attached to screen, but that's it :(

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I just yesterday had one pupate hanging upside down attached just at the bottom, have also had them pupate just lying on the floor of the container. Don't worry. I would just let him go and move him a day or so after he pupates, you can gently remove him from the cage by nudging the toothpick around the silk to loosen it.

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Well, he fell off completely when he pupated. Luckily he wasn't very high up on the cage, so he only fell about 4". He's laying on the bottom now, and I will wait until he hardens off before I move him.

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Update: My little fallen dude is now resting in a small shallow bowl lined with a paper towel. Kinda like a little butterfly bassinet :)

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Hi! just read your update - does the little guy have anything to climb up on to dry his wings?

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Oh, plenty. The enclosure is all screen, and there are sticks in there too. I will make sure there is a stick right next to him when the time comes :)

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I'm very new at all this... could you fabulous folks give me specifics as to your enlosures? I have BST (I did figure out that one! lol) cats on parsley, and since we are i a very new subdivision (yes, I'm the only one with herbs in the front yard... lol) I'm concerned there are not good places for them to go for the next stage... not to mention the pesticides that are being used everywhere.
I think I might want to try enclosures for some of the cats, but need specific details.
Thanking you with butterfuly kisses..

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