Canna Questions.....I probably just need more patience!

theartist(z8 La)April 14, 2010

Hi all,

I am in the deep south, in Louisiana. I put about 18 Cannas (tubers?) in the ground about 3-4 weeks ago and. I see one peeking out of the ground this morning. Some in large pots are also shooting up. How long should one give Cannas to 'spring up'???? Also, I know they love water but how often should you water the tubers, before they start to come up as I do not want them to rot???? Thanks so much for all your answers.

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Due to your location, soil temperatures are not an issue. Planting depth will definitely contribute to slow emergence; one to three inches deep is best. The soil only needs to be slightly damp until the plant develops a few leaves. Cool, water saturated soil definitely will contribute to rhizome decay.
Had the rhizomes produced swollen eyes before planting? Were the rhizomes in good condition at planting time? What was the source of your planting stock?
You may need to gently lift a couple of the rhizomes and check their state of health. They definitely should be producing underground growth after 3 to 4 weeks!


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