Something Dug Up My Canna

parad0x(Z7 Philadelphia)April 25, 2007

Just planted 4 canna's that I got from Lowe's a few ago, and I planted them last week or so. Went out this morning and the tuber? was lying on the ground next to its hole. It looked pretty much intact so I replanted and watered in again. What are its chances?


Todd In Philly

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It was probably a squirrel..i hate those things. If the rhizome looked ok, I'd say the chances are good.

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Armadillos are eating my entire collection. Our dog perks up around 2am, so I went outside to see if I could catch them in the act. I guess those things don't see or hear very well. I walked up to it until I was standing about two feet from it. When it noticed me, it jump in the air and took off. I wasn't sure if they are aggressive, or not, so I jump up as well.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

Armadillos do not hear or see well and are quite afraid of you so no need to fear them. In our garden they love to dig up the mulch to see what is underneath. Last year they tore up the Purple Heart numerous times with their digging. We have lots of earthworms so I expect they are dining on these and the grubs I find.


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todd when you replant the canna.put a dryer sheet in the dirt.alot of animals don't like the

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