Anybody go to Green Scene in Fullerton this year?

absoluteblockApril 21, 2013

I went yesterday. Not too bad. Got some really nice shrubs from the folks at Palomar Mesa Growers.

A couple thoughts about the show... The ticket prices are getting out of control. I presume it's going to a good cause, but it deters a lot of families and lower income people. They want $8 for general admission regardless of age. Members of the arboretum can't even get in for free, they have to pay $6. I watched a family of five turn around and leave once they learned it would cost $40 for admission. Doesn't help that the show closes a good three hours before sundown at 4:00pm. These problems aren't new by any means, but they can't keep raising the prices.

Also, what's up with the arboretum's Potting Shed these days? Their plants look terrible...

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I was surprised too. Kids should be free. They used to let the public in at 9 and members got in free at 8. I showed up at 9:15 thinking I would wait in a short line for my ticket and then go in. There was a long line in the sun to go in at 10 and it seemed that not many people went in early at 9. There were less vendors and maybe they raised the price on them too. I liked it when there were more clubs. They should let clubs have a place to set up for a discount even if they don't get a prime spot on the path. I miss the old Fullerton College pottery booth and some of the clubs that used to come. I liked that they moved the food vendors to the patio next to the potting shed with tables in the shade. I wish it would close later and I wish you could buy a discounted pass for both days because many vendors go home and restock for Sunday. I bought from my favorite booths but prices have indeed gone up.

Out of 4 iris from the iris club that I bought last year, only one was the color I asked for. I asked for blues and let someone who said she knew the varieties choose them for me. One was blue, one was a dirty beige with dull pale lavender staining in the center, one was a stunning yellow and white ruffled and the other was a bold coppery orange. I took the copper and dirty beige ( in full bloom barerooted in a bucket of water) back to them to sell to someone else. They didn't have any light blues to sell. The girl said that they have a terrible track record of getting the iris colors wrong. However they saw fit to raise the prices for them this year. I'm just thankful I got 2 that I was happy with. And they all bloomed.

I was thinking about skipping it next year. The Huntington plant sale is coming up and I'm looking forward to that. The green scene was one of my favorite things. I liked that it wasn't too snooty and had a family relaxed atmosphere. Just lots of plants and people who like plants. If I want overpriced plants and attitude, I can go to South Coast Plaza for free.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

kitty I have plenty of an extremely beautiful pale blue iris if you would like some for free.

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