Maple Tree with Yellow Leaves - Type?

mistressmaryJune 13, 2007

I have a Maple tree that planted itself in my backyard a few years ago and I'm trying to determine what type of Maple it is. In the summer the leaves are a light green (almost a yellow-ish green or lime green), and in fall the leaves turn brilliant yellow. Anyone know what type of Maple this is? I know they grow quite large, because there are others in my neighbourhood, but I'm trying to determine the rate at which they grow to that height so I can decide whether to leave it where it is, or transplant it to another location. It planted itself about 5 - 7 years ago, and grew about a foot or more in the last year. It's now about 6.5' feet tall. Thanks for any info!

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

It's most likely a Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo).

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Sounds like you may have a Princeton Gold Maple (Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold').

Try looking this tree up on the web to see if you do.

Hope this helps

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Ian, the species A. platanoides and their cultivars are border line hardy in the prairie provinces. If her tree self-seeded and her neighbours all have these trees, itÂs a Manitoba maple which are very common and very hardy in our zone.


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Thank you both for your replies - you've been very helpful! Much appreciated.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Not sure it's a Manitoba maple (acer negundo) as that tree would likely grow more than a foot per year. The first few years it gets established and then takes off.

Not to add to the confusion, but is the entire tree greenish yellow? Maples on the prairies can be susceptible to iron chlorosis, lack of iron caused by clay soil, which might make the leaves more yellow than they normally would be.

Whatever it is, if it's a nice color and doesn't grow too fast, it sounds like a nice tree to keep around.


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clairabelle(z4 Quebec)

I have the exact same thing, methinks. Could it be just 'yellow maple' ? All I know, it has a much slower growth rate than the sugar maple. Grows like the red maple.

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