Need info on Peach Frost cannas

susantexoma(7b TX)April 20, 2009

I've sprouted some canna seeds that I received in a swap, and they're doing great -- but I can't find any info online about how tall they'll grow, can anyone here help? The seeds were labeled "Canna Peach Frost" -- and I'm wondering if I should plant the seedlings among my taller or shorter cannas in my new canna bed. Thanks so much for any info you can give!


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Hello Susan,
Most Cannas do not grow true from seeds, which means that the seeds you got are from the parent plant canna peach frost, but the seedlings will not turn out exactly like the parent plant. They might be similar though. Therefore i cannot tell you how tall they would grow. you will have to wait and see.
There are only a few varieties of canna that grow true from seeds and canna peach frost is not one.


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