Ran out of pots -- what to use instead?

crocosmia_mn(z4)April 25, 2006

Whatever made me think that 3 dozen pots would be enough? I have a vague memory of someone using large ziploc bags and somebody else using oiled paper grocery bags? Any other ideas or more information about those? It will be at least a month before I can plant outside here in Minnesota. Thanks!

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What about cut open milk or OJ jugs?

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

How about using the plastic honey tubs, or the margarine tubs, or ice cream tubs. Of course, you would have to punch in some holes for drainage.

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I believe, altho I could be wrong, that Boca Joe gets his cannas started in large ziplock bags. I've never done this myself but I would imagine that you would want to poke a few holes in the bags and put soil (maybe half way up?) and your rhizomes. Keep moist and in a warm spot and they should start to sprout for you.

A friend of mine buys large bags of potting soil, about as cheap as he can find them. Cuts a big square out of the bag when laying flat and buries the puppies in the soil. He puts as many as he can possibly fit as he knows that they're going to be going out into his garden within a month or so.


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Thanks! Gallon OJ bottles are a good idea and we go through two or three a week -- next year, before potting up time, I will also get milk in gallons instead of half gallons.

I will also try the ziploc bags idea -- I decided, well, I have way too many cannas to fit in my garden, so why not experiment with some?

The bag of potting soil idea is also intriguing and reveals to me further evidence of my ignorance of cannas (last year was my first year.) Do you mean that I don't have to keep the potting soil around the rooted rhizome when I plant it in the garden? That it can be planted sort of bare root? If I'd known THAT, my TV room and basement would not be full of individual rhizomes planted in huge pots! Let me know -- I would love to be wiser for next year.

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I have also heard of people using the bag of soil method for tomatoes...especially if you have nematodes in your soil. When finished they just dump it back into the garden and start over with a nice new fresh (and nematode free) batch. I'm telling you the people on GW are ingenious!

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