'Los Angeles' semi-dwarf?

hbwright(z7bSC)April 25, 2006

I wanted something about the same height in a shade of pink for around my water fountain and I thought the Los Angeles canna I saw at the nursery might fit the bill. I'm worried now that I see it can get up to 6' and that is a bit higher then I wanted. I could move them and find something else but don't know what I could use. I guess I could also just let them go out the summer and then move when dormant also. Any experience with this semi-dwarf variety?

Also, I'm concerned that one of the bulbs wasn't good. The others I planted all had a hard bulb but this was mainly soft and rooty, not mushy or gooey so I don't think it was rotten but how can you tell whether or not they are bad? This was the only one that didn't have an eye on it at all. The others had 2-3 eyes.

Thank you from a canna newbie. The only other one I grow is Cleopatra (my dogs name).

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I would leave it this summer and just see how tall it gets. Is it in a container or the ground?
I find that many of my plants don't reach the 'stated' max height, but my weather is probably a factor since we have cool nights and a late spring.

If you're not happy with it, then you can replace it next year.
The link below list several plants and their heights. A short canna that I grew in N. Calif was Pink Sunburst. It was a slow grower and it never got above a couple of feet high.

My guess is the soft rhizome is on its way out..........

Here is a link that might be useful: Canna

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