Robin's nests under deck

impatientgardenerJune 6, 2007

We have several robin's nests being built on the cross beam under our deck, which is an area we use quite frequently when we're outside. I'm afraid if they build there, we'll keep scaring them away after they've laid the eggs when we're out there working or just enjoying the yard and patio. I've removed the nest building materials once and put plastic bags held down by rocks up there to keep them away. But it's not working. Any suggestions?

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If it dosent bother you to have the nest there, I would not worry about them. They can be pretty persistant,you could kock it down a dozen times and if the want to be there, they will.I have them close to my deck and I have three dogs that chase them every time they come out the door, dont care, come back every time.The robins even fallow me when I water so they can get any worms that so happen to surface.So if you dont mind them just let them be they will flush when you go out, and come back when your gone.But if they are making a mess on your deck then I understand you wanting them gone.Just start spraing the hose up there evey day full blast and knock the nest down and maybe they will get the hint.

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If they are under the deck, I wouldn't bother. They just might get used to you and you to them and all will be well. In the meantime, you could think of something to do for next year - maybe place some nesting boxes in the area where both of you will be more comfy about the situation.

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I don't know if robins are any more skittish than sparrows, but there is a fox sparrow sitting on a nest at our Walmart, and the pedestriansa don't seem to bother her at all. She chose a 4-inch pot sitting behind a few plants, right at the end of an isle. Let the birds decide.

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I have a robin that builds a nest every year and every year the babies end up on the ground not being able to fly yet. wehave 2 big dogs- last year one dog accidentally stepped on a baby and killed it, then we had to rescue the other babby and take it out of our fenced backyard. My question is should I take the nest down now as she just started building it?? I feel bad but I dont want my dogs to kill them or end up rescuing the babies again.....Thanks

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