Do birds, butterflies or hummer's like cannas?

janet_w(TX 8)April 14, 2005

Do birds, butterflies or hummer's like cannas?

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I heard that hummers liked canna. I noticed that my neighbor had many humming bird feeders. I asked if she saw any hummers. She said not at her feeders but lots at her canna. I said that I would love to have hummers. In the fall she left about 20 lbs of canna rhizomes at my back door. I was perplexed. I put them in the basement and planted them the next spring. I had hummers all over those canna. When I dug them up in the fall (no small feat, and wrecked my beds) I had about 4 times as many as I planted and I understood why this neighbor gave them to me. That fall I dropped canna rhizomes off to everyone who I knew that had a garden. In my zone (Z6) they are not hardy and are quite a bit of work to dig up, prepair, store and plant the next spring. However, they create an impressive, lush, tropical feel in the garden. Canna are very out of place in my mid-atlantic cottage garden. I plan on replacing them with native canada lilies (when I find a good source for healthey reasonably priced plants. They are apparently good hummer attractors, hardy in my area, more appropriate for a cottage garden, and MUCH less WORK!. So to answer your question...they do attract hummers!.

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janet_w(TX 8)

That's good to know A friend said she saw hummer's by the canna's, I have the canna's planted on the South side and can't see them from the porch. When I walk around there of course they are gone. The hummer's do come to my feeders though where I can see them.

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Some Canna varieties are more attractive than others. In general, look for Cannas with small, species like flowers. Try 'Robert Kemp', 'Omega', 'Skyhawk', among others. Karchesky notes which varieties they have found to be attractive to the little guys.

Here is a link that might be useful: Karchesky Cannas

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

That's really the only reason I grow cannas (they are a pain to overwinter in cold climates) - the hummers love them.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

Canna 'Omega' was probably the all-time hummingbird favorite in my garden three years ago. It is extremely floriferous and apparently produces tons of nectar so the hummingbirds spent a lot of time at it.

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

I seem to have hummers on all my cannas- it doesn't seem to matter what type of flower. They love my hibiscus, and zinnias too. I think more importantly if you want butterflies, hummers and birds- stay away from the chemicals-

Boca Joe

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