Pots or in the ground?

indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)April 26, 2006

I'm a newbie to cannas. I bought a wide variety from Horn this spring, all different sizes and colors. I started them in the greenhouse early, so now they are up about 10 inches in their pots. Should I transfer them to the flower beds, or just leave them in the pots? Some are in large pots, but others will need to be moved to either the beds or even larger pots.

Do they "like" being potted? Perform better? Or is it just easier to get ready for winter if they are in pots?

Also, are there any varieties that can tolerate partial shade?


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leave some in pots, plant some in ground. they will perform well either way.
probably a little easier when have to dig up rhizomes for winter if in a pot.
cannas love full sun and lots of water and fertilizer. will probably not bloom if in shade.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

I've taken the same variety in a pot and the ground and it definitely grew taller and fuller in the ground. Pots are easier to dig the tuber from in the fall.

You don't want to put them outside if there's still a chance of frost, which I suspect there is where you live. So either tide them over in their tiny pots (OK as long as you keep them watered), or uppot them.

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