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misslucindaApril 17, 2008

Hi there-

I really have so many dahlia this year I don't know what to do with them. I have beds in the rear upper corner of my property but no practical water source and the deer and critter are an issue there.

On top of that I ordered 16 canna this year in addition to the three I already had. Same issue. No bed space by the house and my husband will go a little nutzoid if I cut into "his" grass for a new bed.

I planted everything up in those black and green nursery pots which range from 9"-12" in diameter (now sitting in my basement and laundry rooms) but certainly I can't keep them in those after they go outside in mid May. Nor do I have or want to purchase 15 huge clay pots (too heavy) or huge plastic ones (also heavy and just not attractive).

At some point could I possibly just dig individual holes in the grass for the plants (keeping them in groups of 5). I hate the idea of giving my children up for adoption.

I would appreciate any and all ideas.

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nightrider767(San Antonio)

Lucinda,, good luck with your plants. I'd suggest talking your husband into making some room for the plants.

That's a good idea. Three groups of five. You always want to use odd numbers in landscaping, so three groups is ideal.

Just work with your husband a bit on it. Plant the beds so that the mulch extends at least 8 inches or so away from the plants. That way your husband will be able to mow around them and not need to use the weed-eater.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the encouragement nightrider. But negotiating with a lawn guy won't be easy....

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