Can you ID a canna by ....

peatpod(Z5b Ontario)April 8, 2006

I will keep this post short, sweet and to the point.

I have alot of cannas .. 8 varieties at least. Anywho .. I spent weeks digging them up .. cleaning ... drying .. and labeling them in the fall. They were labeled on the outside of the box and on the inside of the box with marker and tags. Well, it would appear that one of my foster kids has gone into the crawlspace and switched things around!!! Im not very happy.

Is it possible .. short of DNA testing to ID cannas by their roots?? I somehow think it isnt but thought I would ask anyways.


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well you can possibly narrow it down to a ballpark figure, like 20-30.
Some are compact, some are thin, some fat, some long, some are thin and long, some are have red tissue, some have white, etc.

Just from knowing the different types of cannas I have and doing so many seperations, I can positively ID my some of mine but not all.


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More than likely, you'll have to wait til they bloom to correctly ID them. I have 60 varieties, and I wouldn't even try to ID them until they bloom, unless the choice is between two very different rhizomes and I happen to know the names the two rhizomes should be.

For instance, if I knew I had Richard Wallace and Red Stripe in a similar area, I could tell RW by it's long skinny ropy rhizomes and RS by it's thick, fat, nearly inseparable rhizomes. But I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between RW and Florence Vaughn, as both have similar rhizomes.

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